Reconstruction and Development Agency of Armenia

Tuesday 20 February, 2018
Environmentally Friendly EnvironmentEnvironmentally Friendly Environment
Advanced MedicineAdvanced Medicine
High-tech DevelopmentHigh-tech Development
Modern InfrastructureModern Infrastructure

In the 21st century a nation state can thrive when it has an Innovative Economy based on knowledge and of new technologies, developed transport and telecommunications infrastructure, modern high-class fundamental education which teaches to think and create innovation rather than memorise and reiterate old facts.
  In the 21st century a nation can be successful and developed only if it creates a comfortable, ecologically sustainable, green environment in which any individual from the childhood has an opportunity to harmoniously develop physically, spiritually and intellectually.
  In the 21st century a society can be successful and developed if it allows each individual to fully unfold their talents and capabilities, innovate for the welfare of oneself and that of the society, to be free in their thoughts and aspirations. Only this society can be called a free and democratic society of free people.
  We perceive our mission in Armenia in supporting establishment of high-tech, innovative economy, post-industrial society, in implementation of key programs aimed at infrastructure, transport and education development which will make Armenia one of the most developed, free and democratic countries in the world in scientific, economic and technological areas.

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