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Saturday 20 January, 2018
Advanced Medicine

Advanced Medicine



School of the future

The classical education in its present form lacks efficiency; the automatic transfer of knowledge to students and the common cramming without perception of the essence are counter-productive, thus it is necessary to switch from the system of mechanical transfer of ready-made knowledge to a new one, enabling learners to strive ahead, explore and make discoveries on their own, select the subjects they are interested in to study them more thoroughly and intensively, i.e. teaching them to think independently and creatively.

Agriculture - an exit from disaster

A bright example of how a government can condemn hundreds of thousands of its people to a lifelong misery through its ill-considered policy is the reckless and absurd agricultural reforms of the 90ies.

Are we ready for information society?

Which states feel ready for a post-industrial society? What should they do to ensure a smooth transition to this type of society, i.e. to information economy?
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