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Saturday 20 January, 2018


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One of the most ancient countries in the world, with several thousands years of history, Armenia has had technological potential from the ancient times. Armenia is the birth-place of the earliest footwear in the history of humankind. It was found in the region of Vayotz-Dzor, in a limestone cavern and dates back 3.5 thousand years.

In the Soviet times, scientific and technological potential of Armenia has made impressive contributions to the scientific and technological achievements of the Soviet Union. To name a few achievements which originated from Armenia, the most contemporary for that era aviation technologies, fighter aircrafts MIG and their co-creator Mikoyan, nuclear technologies, accelerators of elementary particles, member of the Academy of Sciences, prominent scholar Alikhanian, working at the leading USSR centre for computer technology development “Erevan Scientific Research Institute of mathematical machinery”,  foundations of modern science, high energy particles physics, as well as one of the leading world astronomy centres of that time, Burakan astrophysics observatory and its director, leading scientist, member of the Academy of Science Ambartsumian. 
The purpose of activity of the Reconstruction and Development Agency of Armenia «ADKARS» is facilitation of creation of strong high-tech economy, free information based society and post-industrial state. 
The founders of the company are citizens of the UK and Armenia in possession of substantial experience in IT-business in the west, as well as implementation of large projects management in various areas in western countries and countries of CIS. The shareholders of our company have come to a decision to undertake serious projects in Armenia as it is seen as an opportunity. We believe that our significant connections in some of the largest western companies can be utilised for the benefit of economy of Armenia and in order to attract substantial investments into its economy. 
However, in modern conditions, for creation of competitive economy it is necessary to create a fundamentally new concept of country development, beginning from the system of education to the system of public administration. The major directions of activity are:
  • Information technologies.
  • Attraction of high-tech foreign companies to Armenia.
  • Creation and development of fundamentally new education systems and technologies, necessary for training a modern individual with creative thinking.  
  • Development of modern transport and telecommunications infrastructure in Armenia.
  • Assistance in creation of competitive national and joint ventures, offering contemporary products and services at the world level. 
  • Assistance in accepting new standards in areas of construction, transport, ecology, education for creation of comfortable and eco-friendly environment.
  • Expanding of new concept of agricultural development for providing food security of Armenia aimed at production of premium class food items. 
  • Development of the system of modern high quality affordable medical care.
  • Support in development of modern legislature, promoting unrestrained development of high-tech business.
  • Creation of post-industrial economy and free information based society in Armenia which constitute the foundation of the progressive successful nation in the 21st century. 

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